Is your mouth watering at just reading the title?  Can you almost smell them, sizzling in the pan?   This recipe was created by my husband with lots of trial and error, so your gain!!!  He started this recipe to help find useful things for our sourdough discard, and this was by far the biggest hit.

A couple of notes before we dive into the recipe... This is a BIG batch of pancakes.  

This is a full batch (minus the cook's tax)

It can look like a lot at first glance, and it is, but I promise that these will come together beautifully and be the most satisfying (no seriously, you can eat two of these and be FULL!) homemade pancakes.  Just be prepared to throw some in the freezer.  We love always having these as a replacement for frozen waffles for that quick breakfast when you need it.

Stuff you'll need:

  • Kitchen Scale (yes, we measure by weight)
  • Time, this is an overnight recipe
  • The biggest bowl you own, a crockpot insert might double as a good container in a pinch.

Let's get the party started

The night before: Create 800g levain
- 100g Starter
- 350g Flour
- 350g Water
Mix and let sit overnight in a covered container

Good morning! Let's start by making the bulk of our dough.
- 800g Levain (from last night)
- 600g Water
- 600g Flour
Mix and let rest at least 30 minutes (longer will give more intense flavor)

Bringing it all together
Remember that big bowl?  You need it now.
- 2kg bulk mix
- 1/2 cup chia seeds soaked with 1 1/2 cup water (or 8 eggs)
- 20g salt
- 1 tbsp baking soda
- 8 tbsp melted butter (or other oil)
- 3-4 tbsp dark spiced rum or bourbon (because who can afford this much vanilla)
Work each of these in separately to incorporate. The batter will be very thick, but when it hits the pan, it should give a lofty rise.
Cook at medium low to ensure fully cooking insides.

Fruit option: Add 2tbsp lemon juice to batter and fruit as desired during cooking.