Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out our story. It means a lot to us.

It all started as nothing more than a dream in late 2018.  We were sitting down to cast a vision for our family and praying over what God had in store for us.  From time to time, we like to look ahead and envision the next 5 years.  We ask the question: "If there were no barriers or limitations, where would we be, and what would we be doing?".  Living in the Atlanta metro area, life was great, but subtle convictions had us questioning if it was right for our family.  It certainly was not a neon sign calling us out, but there were a few things that kept nudging us. Tiffany's parents had recently moved onto a homestead in rural Georgia and were in the process of building their farm.  Every time we went, we fell more in love with the quiet, the connection the kids had with the animals, the freedom to talk a walk in the woods, or to go fishing in the farm pond. Those visits to the farm began to grow a deep desire for a slower pace of life. Dreams blossomed of homeschooling in an environment where education was not only academic, but interactive and functional.  But this was a dream.  Quiet hopes that if we could have it all with no barriers, this is what it would look like.  Starting our own homestead seemed like the perfect future, but with no funds and no direction, that dream faded into the background as life continued on.

On a Sunday morning in the spring of 2019, we got a phone call on from Tiffany's dad that would mark the beginning of a new chapter for our family.  A 'For Sale' sign had been put up on the 25 acre property just next to them.   By the grace of God, and his work in preparing us to make this step, we were able to purchase the property in July of 2019 and begin the journey.  GoodSteading was born in earnest.  And as the family and farm grow, stay tuned.  There is a lot more story yet to come.